About our AGM – 23 May 2020

    • We had our AGM online for the first time – using Zoom
    • Dedication of the meeting – Phramaha Somkit Howlon offered Jaya Paritta as an opening chant.
    • Robert Hunt presented the Activities Report on NZBC’s work since the previous AGM.
    • Simon Harrison presented the Annual Report with Financial Statements.
    • Two of the previous Executive Committee did not stand for re-election and tributes were offered to them by Sensei Amala Wrightson (ex-Chair) and Robert Hunt (Chair).
    • Nominations Received for NZBC Executive Committee in 2020-21
    • Theravada: Gamini Settinayake, Robert Hunt, Pimmy (Suchavadee) Takdhada.
    • Mahayana: Sally McAra, Chris Krageloh, Derek LeDayn.
    • Vajrayana: Peter Small, Simon Harrison, Ecie Hursthouse.
    • The nominees were declared elected.
    • Resolution for minor changes to the Constitution was passed. The changed can be summarised as follows: To remove a common confusion we renamed individual “Associate Member” to “Supporter”, simplify organisation “Full Member “ to “Member”.  Secondly we formalised allowing electronic methods to be used to authorise transactions.
    • Supporters no longer pay what for membership, so it can be treated by the giver as a donation that can be claimed as a taxable donation.
    • We resolved to keep membership subscriptions the same for the next  financial year 2021-2022
    • Sensei Amala Wrightson offered dedication of merit.