Training and Chaplaincy


New Zealand Buddhist Chaplains

For 2,500 years, Buddhists have contemplated sickness, old age and death to understand suffering and find an end to it. Buddhist practitioners therefore value sickness, old age, death and other transitions as opportunities for spiritual insight and growth. Buddhist chaplains are trained to accompany people through such difficult times, working in hospitals, hospices, schools prisons and other facilities. more detail

School Mindfulness Facilitators

We would like to invite those with experience in mindfulness meditation to write to us, if you are interested in joining the NZBC Mindfulness Facilitators’ Group. more detail

Buddhist Sunday School Support

Many Buddhist temples have Sunday Schools for the children to learn about the Buddha’s teaching, and also run language classes. A Sunday School teachers’ and parents’ workshop was held in 2017 in Otahuhu and we are now requesting / inviting other temples to look into their Sunday School needs, curriculum and training. more detail

Everyday English for Monks and Nuns

Our friendly classes are for people wanting to improve their English language and are free to citizens and permanent residents, though some criteria apply. more detail