Tragic attacks in Sri Lanka

New Zealand Buddhist Council message concerning the bombings in Sri Lanka

Buddhists in New Zealand are shocked and saddened by the horrific attacks on people and places of faith in Sri Lanka during this Easter Sunday.

The Buddhist community of Aotearoa New Zealand has many Sri Lankan members. Many of us come from families of multiple faith and many have family and faith links back to Sri Lanka.

The New Zealand Buddhist Council wishes to express deep condolences and compassion to all Sri Lankan associates of the Council, their relatives and friends.  

The harm from these attacks on the innocent is widespread. They have brought much distress and pain to people in many countries, with many struggling to comprehend.  We are seeing much grief as well as rising concern among some of our members in regard to temple security.

We appeal to all to encourage peace. We pray that peace prevails. We wish that all those hurt by these attacks receive the support they will so badly need.

As people of faith we remind ourselves that wherever we encounter hatred we do not reply with hostility. Having learned that there is no other path to wholeness, we choose together to practice the non-hateful ways of compassion and forbearance.   

We hope the people of Sri Lanka may draw on the deep faith teachings found and practised there, and affirm unity even as the terrorists seek to spread fear and disorder. May leaders point to unity through peaceful example.  

Ven. Amala Wrightson, Chair of New Zealand Buddhist Council.

Posted: Thursday 24th April, 2019