New Zealand Buddhist Council

fostering information-sharing, respect, collaboration and friendship between Buddhist communities in Aotearoa

The formation of the New Zealand Buddhist Council (NZBC) was initiated at a meeting of fourteen Buddhist groups in Auckland in July 2007, and came out of a collective wish to share information and work together on issues of mutual concern and care for the wider community. In accordance with our constitution, the Buddhist Council aims to:

  • Create respectful relationships among Buddhist communities and between Buddhist and other communities in order to develop a harmonious and peaceful New Zealand.
  • Share information and build networks
  • Work together on common concerns and problems
  • Strengthen the greater Buddhist community in New Zealand
  • Engage with government and other statutory bodies when their policies and practices affect Buddhist communities
  • Represent Buddhist perspectives in public forums where appropriate
  • Work with other faith communities to nurture mutual understanding and promote peace
  • Engage in any other activities consistent with the above objects

To find out if we can help you, or if you have feedback for us, please contact us.

Our Executive Committee
Buddhist Chaplaincy