As outlined in its constitution, the New Zealand Buddhist Council is a membership society with representational and charitable objectives. It aims to build worthy relationships within the New Zealand Buddhist community as well as between Buddhist and other faith communities. It represents Buddhist perspectives to the Government and within wider society.
Here you will find the index to our current membership.

Any Buddhist organisation registered with New Zealand Charities Services
and able to comply with our Constitution may apply to join the Buddhist Council.
Application for Membership of New Zealand Buddhist Council can be made here.

Membership applications are considered at the meetings of the Executive Committee.  Once an application is approved, the applicant is notified and invoiced.

The annual membership fee is $50.


Supporters are individuals who agree with the principles and objects of the Council and wish to stay in touch, receive our notices, and be invited (in a non-voting capacity) to attend General Meetings. Some supporters may wish to offer voluntary time to the activities of the Council.

The minimum annual subscription from supporters is $10.

Your annual support, volunteering and feedback help us to achieve the Council’s aims and objectives.

Application for Supporters of New Zealand Buddhist Council can be made here.

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