Tributes for Jun Kim


From Sensei Amala Wrightson, our previous Chairperson:

Jun has been an engaged, helpful and good-humoured member since he joined the Executive about three years ago. I was very relieved when he willingly took on the membership secretary role when the database was in poor shape and ably took on the task of straightening it out, often working long hours to do so, sometimes late at night! This on top of a lot of responsibilities at Nam Kook Temple, with a major building project in the pipeline there.

Jun has always been a pleasure to work with, and his work with and concern for connecting with Buddhist youth has been an important awareness that he has brought to the table.

Thank you Jun for your service.

From Robert Hunt, Chair:

Jun Kim has served on Exec since June 2017 doing vital work in member administration  and forming a key link for the council with the Korean Buddhist community.  Later Jun worked as Membership Secretary. During that time applications for membership have gone smoothly and the organisational membership of NZBC has arisen to the record level it is now. Being able to report this level is a reflection of commitment to timeliness in membership application processing and timely invoice-related communications. Jun worked to move the base of the membership data to a more suitable platform that we had been using, and this has had a good initial result.

Jun has a great sense of humour and has been supportive.   We thank him for his service.