Chaplaincy training courses – August 2018

New course in August 2018

We are running the Level 1 NZ Buddhist Chaplaincy Course for the fourth time. Please note that the date has been shifted from June to August. Please apply by June 22.

  • The course is in early August (2018): Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm each day, at Amitabha Hospice, 44 Powell St, Avondale, Auckland.
  • If coming from out of town, you will need to make your own accommodation arrangements.
  • The cost of the workshop is $150 for all people (lay and ordained) and must be paid by 1 June.
  • Vegetarian lunch is provided each day.
  • The training is only open to those who are accepted into the program.
  • Please apply by June 22, following the application procedure outlined below.


  • Ecie Hursthouse – Managing Director of Amitabha Hospice, Executive member of the NZ Buddhist Council, Co-founder of Peaceful Passing, NZ Buddhist Chaplain
  • Ven Khadro – Spiritual Program Coordinator for Root Institute, Bodhgaya India, Co-founder of Peaceful Passing, NZ Buddhist Chaplain

Course content

  • A brief history of Buddhist Chaplaincy in the world
  • Overview of different Buddhist traditions (lecturers from different Buddhist and cultural traditions will explain their values and practices)
  • The culture of care and dying from a medical view – how physical health problems affect people and their spiritual needs
  • Building pastoral identity, as participants reflect on their own spiritual journey, while accompanying others on theirs
  • Developing one’s ability to assess a patient’s specific concerns arising from different cultural, spiritual, socioeconomic and psychological backgrounds
  • Compassionate communication

 Application procedure:

Each question (below) must be answered in an attached Word document, and emailed to Ecie Hursthouse by Fri 18 May.

  1. Your name, home address, email address, skype name and telephone number(s).
  2. What is your motivation for becoming a Buddhist Chaplain?
  3. What has been your volunteer experience or other relevant work experience?
  4. What is your Buddhist tradition or lineage?
  5. When did you take Refuge? How many years have you practiced Buddhism?
  6. What is your education or training relevant to counseling, listening skills and Buddhism?
  7. Where and how do you plan to utilize the skills and knowledge acquired in this Chaplaincy course?
  8. Please provide two Buddhist referees in NZ with contact details: phone numbers (and skype name if possible).

Applications will be reviewed and then an appointment will be made for a skype interview.
Successful applicants will then be accepted into the 3-day workshop.