Support from Government for New Zealand’s Ethnic Communities

The Office of Ethnic Communities (OEC) of the Department of Internal Affairs supports ethnic communities in New Zealand. OEC offers access to two services through their website that may interest NZBC members:

  1. Help with the governance, management, marketing, etc. of an ethnic community organisation. An organisation called ‘Appoint‘ helps organisations find expert help in general and specialist areas.

The OEC can also help you find translators and interpreters.

  1. Making a contribution. OEC keeps a database of New Zealanders from ethnic communities who are suitably qualified to be considered for appointment to a number of government boards, committees and advisory groups, including those of Crown companies.

The positions represent an excellent opportunity to contribute to the prosperity and strength of New Zealand’s economy and communities.

They are looking for people with any of the following:

  • Previous experience in regional or national governance roles
  • Previous appointments to governance positions
  • Directors on medium to large enterprises.

If you are interested in being nominated for one of these opportunities and you can demonstrate one of the characteristics listed above, OEC would like to hear from you. Please email the Office.