Covid-19 in NZ – official advice

22 May 2020 – Under Level 2 we have received the following advice – Places of worship may now open. Gatherings of more than 10 people are not permitted except where people or groups can remain 2 metres away from each other.  Unless people can be kept 2 metres apart at a religious ceremony, numbers must be limited to 10 (with exceptions for funerals/tangihanga), and have appropriate contact tracing systems in place.

31 March 2020 -Under the Alert Level 4 at the time of writing, the official advice is:

“Everyone should stay at home. This is the best thing we can all do to stop the spread of COVID-19. This will save lives.” 

The government is providing advice regularly, updating their webpage on the virus and providing information in many languages.

Please find below further ways to access official information and services:

1.      The government now has a daily newsletter that provides updates on Covid-19. Please sign up via this link.

If you want the updates by WhatsApp – to join the Govt’s WhatsApp channel for COVID-19 updates click on and send the message and your number will be added automatically.

 2.      Reports of price-gouging by supermarkets can now be directed to

 3.      International Students: The prime responsibility for pastoral care rests with the providers students are enrolled with, and most of them are doing an extremely good job.  They are very aware of their responsibility to this vulnerable group. Education New Zealand has been trying to ensure providers have the information and access to information sources that they need, right across government. For students, they are recommending that students use and sign up for the NauMaiNZ website platform which provides a source of information for students.  Below is a link to that site’s COVID page, which provides information that students need. The page is updated pretty much daily as information comes in, and strengthening NauMaiNZ’s resources and links about stress, illness, unfair treatment etc Please request students to sign up via this page link

4.    If you see people breaking lockdown rules, it’s important to inform the relevant people. It’s as simple as sending an email to a dedicated address set up by the Ministry of Health

5.    You can also now report to Police online Suspected COVID-19 L4 isolation breaches and businesses you suspect are breaching the essential services rule.

6.      New government guidelines have been announced for funerals. They can be accessed via this link.

7.      This NZ Police App makes it easier for you to access police services, information and news. Free to download via this link and also find out additional information. You will receive regular updates.

8.      In an emergency dial 111. To reach NZ Police in a non-emergency dial 105 or report online