Hui – Interfaith meetings organised by Office of Ethnic Communities

Billed as the “Connecting Faith & Interfaith Communities Hui”, in February the Office of Ethnic Communities held a series of consultation meetings – in Dunedin, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. NZ Buddhist Council sent delegates to all of these, who attended along with representatives of the major faiths. Most Christian denominations including Maori churches. Other faiths included Sihkism, Islam, Judaism, and Baha’i. People were invited to share thoughts and experience in response to four specific questions, with the aim of identifying ways we can work together for deeper social inclusion across our communities.

We expect to soon see a report from the Office of Ethnic Communities summarising the recommendations and observations made at the Hui.

The League of Live Illustrators worked alongside each session to capture the key themes, ideas, and opportunities from the discussion. You can find more information about the Ethnic Communities Development Fund here.