New Zealand Buddhist Chaplains

Buddhist Chaplains

For 2,500 years Buddhists have contemplated sickness, old age and death to understand suffering and find an end to it. Buddhist practitioners therefore value sickness, old age, death and other transitions as opportunities for spiritual insight and growth. Buddhist chaplains are trained to accompany people through such difficult times, working in hospitals, hospices, schools prisons and other facilities. By supporting a person suffering in a difficult situation with skilful inquiry, guided meditation and/or prayers, the total pain (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) a person experiences is skillfully and compassionately addressed. With the help of a spiritual friend the person is better able to find the inner resources to deal with what is happening to him or her, moment by moment. 

The following people are experienced Buddhist Chaplains who supervise the NZ Apprentice Buddhist Chaplains and were some of the tutors of the Level 1 Buddhist Chaplaincy course...

Vipassana Meditation Centre: Meditation Courses for Children and Teenagers in Auckland

Meditation courses for children aged 8 to 12 and teenagers 13 to 17. Please click read more for further details.

Fo Guang Shan: Confronting Life and Death - A modern Buddhist reflection on life and death.

Venerable Huikai, Fo Guang Shan's Vice Abbot, will be speaking on this topic in Auckland (also later at Victoria University Wellington and in Christchurch).


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